Travel Photo of the Week: Airport Pick-me-up

Shanghai Pudong International Airport

Shanghai, China

It’s about 8:00 at night. We just completed a 14 hour flight from New York. We have a 3 hour layover in Shanghai Pudong International Airport before jumping on a plane to Bangkok. We are tired, but when we enter the international terminal we perk up at the sight of this impressive airport. It seems to go on forever.

Travel Photo of the Week: Morning Has Broken

The sunrise from an airplane.

Thirty-six thousand feet above Europe

The sun peaks past the horizon bringing anticipation and excitement. Morning is here which means that the plane will be landing soon. It’s beautiful and inviting. Welcome to Europe.

Travel Photo of the Week: Horse Break

girl petting a horse in the czech republic
Lednice, Czech Republic
This was actually taken between the villages of Lednice and Valtice. We rented bicycles in Lednice and rode to Valtice and back. This horse farm was a great place to stop and rest. It was a day filled with fantastic sights including Valtice Palace, Lednice Castle, and the National Wine Centre where you can sample and learn about Czech wines.

For more photos of the Czech Republic.

Travel Photo of the week: The Wrong Side

A look out of the cabin window at the ocean and a book reader.

Koh Rong, Cambodia

On the island of Koh Rong there isn’t much to do. You can go for a swim in the beautiful turquoise waters, you can hike through the jungle, or you can just relax with a good book. Whatever you decide to do, the place-to-be is outside. When you can see the crashing waves of the Gulf of Thailand through barred windows, being inside our little cabana was like being in a prison.

For more information about travelling to the secluded island, have a look-see.

Travel Photo of the Week: Big Buddha is Watching you

A little Buddha statue sitting in front of a much larger one.
Sukhothai, Thailand
Buddha is everywhere in Thailand. He’s hanging out in restaurants, chilling on street corners, shooting some b-ball outside of the school. In the old town of Sukhothai there are so many Buddha statues and figurines that it’s impossible to avoid his stare. The small in-focus Buddha in the photo is only about 2 inches tall, while the large out of focus one is like 20 feet tall. I believe this was taken at Wat Sa Sri. For more info on Sukhothai, have a look at our post about the days we spent there or, for more photos, check out our Sukhothai gallery.

Travel Photo of the Week: Bamboo Basket Boats… Bears, Beets, Battlestar Galactica

Bamboo basket boats float in the ocean.

Mui Ne, Vietnam

These round Vietnamese boats are usually made from woven bamboo, and are covered with tar or varnish to seal them. Watching them, tied together and floating a couple of kilometres off the coast, was a funny sight. The lead boat (not shown in the photo) pulled them along with its small engine while the fishermen relaxed on their journey home.

Travel Photo of the Week: Piping out the Tunes

Man watching band on the charles bridge.
Prague, Czech Republic

Along the Charles Bridge merchants sell, tourists gawk, and bands play. I love that this observer had a giant pipe that he sucked on as he enjoyed the music. I found it more entertaining than the band.

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